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An issue that should not be ignored

When we make the teeth whiter than the natural state, we call it “bleaching”. But normal teeth whitening, which leads to the return of the teeth to their original color, is called teeth whitening. Therefore, using a whitening toothpaste can also help this process. But to perform bleaching, special bleaching materials are needed, and this process cannot be done with a normal bleach.

Orthodontic treatments for adults

Orthodontics refers to the knowledge and skill of correcting abnormalities related to the mouth and jaw, which include various types such as fixed orthodontics, invisible orthodontics, demon orthodontics, ceramic orthodontics, removable orthodontics, and lingual orthodontics.

Note that you need orthodontics if the following problems occur:

Having an increased dental overbite.

This means that the teeth of the upper row have a lot of vertical overlap on the teeth of the lower row.


_ Overjet of the upper front teeth or not enough of the lower teeth (overjet)

_ The failure of the upper teeth to be placed correctly on the lower teeth from the transverse dimension when chewing food (Crossbite).

There is a gap between the two jaws in the front, back and sides (Open bite).

_Misplaced midline is not aligned with the midline of the upper teeth.

_ The existence of an empty space between the teeth that occurs due to reasons such as loss of teeth, incomplete growth of teeth, lack of growth of a tooth, etc. ((SPACING

_ The overlapping of the teeth due to the larger size of the teeth compared to the available space in the jaw (Crowding) and…

Children’s orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic treatments in children are preventive measures to remove the abnormality, irregularity and abnormal position of the jaw and teeth, which are carried out in order to improve the health of the mouth and teeth and as a result have a smile and a beautiful face.

In fact, the measures related to orthodontics for children and teenagers, in addition to preventing and reducing damage and dental and jaw abnormalities, can accelerate the treatment process and also help in the easy treatment of dental and jaw abnormalities in adulthood.

Note that if you see the following symptoms, be sure to visit the dentist so that orthodontic treatment can be done for your child on time if needed.

_ Crooked permanent teeth

Protrusion of one or both jaws

The presence of a gap between the front teeth when closing the mouth

There is a gap between all the teeth

A noticeable inclination of one of the jaws to the right or left

Breathing through the mouth instead of breathing through the nose

Sooner or later baby teeth fall out

Touching the tongue against the front teeth while swallowing food instead of bringing the tongue closer to the roof of the mouth

_ Sucking a finger, milk bottle, etc. after 5 years old and…

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