Mehr dental clinic

With the presence of experienced and expert dentists, Mehr Clinic has provided all dental treatment and beauty services for children and adults in a sterile and safe environment.

All our services are provided to our dear clients according to the latest scientific methods and with advanced equipment.

Mehr clinic dental service

Providing all dental services including restorative, cosmetic (composite veneer, laminate, smile design correction), root treatment, surgery, implant, veneer, orthodontics, providing all necessary treatments for children, specialized orthodontics for children and teenagers.

Root treatment (endodontics)

Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the pulp and tissues around the root related to the pulp

Dentistry for children and adolescents

Fluoride therapy, fissure sealant, bonding repair of damaged or decayed teeth, space retainer and orthodontics for children and teenagers.

Treatment of gum diseases

Treatment of the most common gum diseases, gum flap surgery, bone grafting and gum grafting surgery.

Dental surgery

Dental surgery, dental root surgery and implant surgery

Root Restoration

Teeth bleaching, composite veneer, tooth laminate, tooth bonding, tooth inlay and tooth inlay and smile design correction.

Dental prosthesis

fixed prosthesis (crown or tooth cover, post and crown and implant cover) and mobile prosthesis

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